Hello and welcome to wefofo, the really smart place to buy photo art. 


I’m sure you are dying to know how we came up with such a brilliant idea.  OK so probably not exactly dying, but maybe just a bit intrigued. Am I right?


The idea came about when Fiona, my then girlfriend and now fiancée, and I moved into a new flat. The reason I’m telling you all about Fiona, especially the fiancée bit, is because she is a big part of wefofo and you will probably be hearing quite a bit from her in the future.


Ok, you got me, the real reason is because Fiona was looking over my shoulder whilst I was typing. We are on our way to Scotland for Christmas with her family and let me tell you there is no privacy on a Virgin train. Coast is clear, Fiona just left to get a sandwich. So back to the story.


So where were we? our new flat. Yes I remember, we had just moved into our new flat.


After gathering the essentials in terms of furniture (a bed and the obligatory huge TV) it was time to start thinking about turning the flat into a home. We came up with two options when it came to decorating:


  1. Spend hundreds of pounds on a “fancy” piece of “art” (which was never really an option because we didn’t have the money)

  2. Buy cheap IKEA prints. You know, the ones that every first year student has, Audrey Hepburn or the Eiffel tower anyone?


Enough said – We were looking for something different. Something that added character and personality to our place.


On a rainy Sunday afternoon after spending a fair bit of time on Instagram I stumbled across a picture that I really liked, then another, then another.


 You see where I’m going with this? Not yet? Ok I’ll continue the story. Fiona must have ordered a cheese toasty. She is taking ages. 


Back to that rainy Sunday.  Saw some great pictures on Instagram and sent screenshots to Fiona telling her how perfect they would be for our flat but that unfortunately these photos were from recreational social photographers (that’s what I call them it means ordinary people like you and me, well like me anyway, who take photos on their phones and put them on social media) and not professionals who sell prints. She replied and said:  “Why don’t you give it a shot and ask them If you can buy the photos?” I took the plunge and to my surprise the social photographers were more than happy to sell them to me. I then went through the painful process of getting them printed, framed and finally put up on our wall. It was quite an ordeal but the result was worth it and we couldn’t be happier.


You must be on the edge of your seat by now. No? oh well, let me take you a step closer to the end (or the beginning, depends how you look at it). Oh and Fiona is on her way back from her trip to the food carriage. Yes! I was right she bought a cheese toasty. Woohoo!


A few weeks later (after framing and hanging the pictures on the wall), we had some friends over for dinner and once they had admired the ginormous TV they said: “Dudes! Where did you get your “art” from?”. Ok, no, they did not call us “dudes” but yes they did call it “art” and let me tell you we were chuffed. Told them the story and they asked us if we could source some pictures they could buy……


Ok by now you must know were I’m going with this?


Yep you are right. On that day wefofo was born. After a few months of hard work here we are, wefofo is officially live and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you.


The end.


No, no, no. This is definitely not the end, just the beginning.




Ps. Fiona ate the whole cheese toasty. Not cool!






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